This system is based on betting on the top Teams of each Football League. According to the statistics the top 3 Teams have a percentage of winning over 50%.

So once 10 games of the season have been played, bet a Treble Accumulator  combining the leaders of each league.


The Logic behind this is that once 10 games have been played, the form has usually settled down, and the

stronger teams are usually on top. You also tend to find that in lower divisions, one or two teams

run away with things. This means that they are obviously going to win a lot of games, and you are simply

combining them with the other divisions ‘leaders to maximise the oddsThe odds for an event.There are three types of odds:American, fractional and Decimal. They determine the profit that can occur if the bet won..

Use of Arithmetic to increase the profit.

Lets consider that we are following only this leagues:

  1. English Premier League
  2. French League 1
  3. Spanish Primera Divizion
  4. German Bundesliga
  5. Italian Seria A

We choose top 2 teams of each League. So we have 10 teams. Now lets divide them in 2 groups. The leaders in group A and the seconds in group B

Every week we combine this teams on treble bet . In total we will have 10 Bets for each group. so in total 20 bets.

On this way we have increase the chances to win at least one bet.

This system can be combined with Fibonacci Betting Strategy or Martingale betting system.

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