Tipster Rules

Join us gives a chance to all visitors to win real cash prizes! Share your own predictions and at the end of the month you may be one of the real cash prize winners!

The top tipster will be rewarded with 50 Euros to his Skrill wallet plus 20 Euros to their Bet365 sportsbook account. Two more tipsters (2nd and 3rd position) will also receive 20 Euros to their Skrill wallet!

An additional prize of 20 Euros to Skrill wallet will be given to the earlier poster of the month. Every 1st of the month winners are announced on the home page.

Want to join the competition? Please take some time to read the rules and then fill in the application form. Apply to join the tipsters team and grab the opportunity to win some of the real cash prizes.

  1. The winners of every month will be those that will have the highest monthly profit. If two of them will have the same profit, we will consider yield.
  2. Every first calendar day of a month the points will be reset. (1000 point)
  3. You must have at least 20 picks in the related month to be eligible to win any prize.
  4. You will get additional 1 point for each approved comment in the blog.
  5. There must be at least 10 active players in the competition.
  6. You can only write 1 pick for the same game.
  7. Pick posting time is minimum three hours before the start of the game.
  8. The system works like any bookmakerIs the one who generate odds on events and then accept bets on those events.Bookmaker is also called 'bookie'. system. You can bet on single or multiple bet.
  9. The system will automatically adjust your stakes if they are above those rules : Minimum stakeThe amount a player bets on a match. is 5 and maximum stake is 200.
  10. Fixtures that are finished (FT) after 00:00 GMT+2, are settled for the next calendar day.
  11. Those who will reach 0 units will not have the right to place further bets.
  12.  Those who will reach 100 units will be removed from the competition of the next month unless they purchase 1000 points on a value of 10 Euro.

Any rule may be changed , added or removed by the admins, at any time, announced here. If you have any suggestions for these rules, send us a mail with your suggestion.

# Username Points
1 hunteralb 1308.00
2 trfoti 1231.00
3 tipsterking 1000.00
4 oddkiller 1450.00
5 craigfeguson 1000.00
6 freddjay 1000.00
7 alainbet 1000.00
8 ZMAk25 1000.00
9 gekas 1000.00
10 ribamech77 1000.00