Over the years of betting experience, we noticed some patterns on live football matches. Although it is not 100% accurate but the probability and occurrence is quite high. we have collected all my findings along the bets and consider it as a value assets. I would like to share with you and hope to help all 365tuts.com supporters.

1) Underdog team scores first

If an underdogAlso known as 'Underdog'. The team which have the highest odd and is relatively difficult or impossible to win. team who score a goal first in a match, good chance that the strong team will pull back with at least an equalize or a linear win. Hence, If a weak team who score in early match ( best timing is before 10 mins ), place bet on hot favor team to score next goal.

2) Hot favor to scores first

If a hot favor team who score a goal in early minute of match, it’s high chances that the hot favor team will not over come the Asian handicap odds. Hence, if a hot favor is giving 11/2 ball to a weak team and the hot favor team scores at the beginning of match ( best timing is before 6 mins ), then place a bet on weak team Asian handicap.

3) 0 goals for first half is 33.33%

This is for goal line (underA bet in which the player chooses if the number of goals scored in a match will less than the limit set by the Bookmaker./over) betting. From statistic collected, almost 1/3 of first half of football matches end with 0 goals or under. While the oddsThe odds for an event.There are three types of odds:American, fractional and Decimal. They determine the profit that can occur if the bet won. for the goal line is decreasing, place a bet on OVER for second half and this give you nice hedge.

4) Red card sent off

If a player is sent off in late minute, please a bet on UNDER.

If a player from weak team is sent off in the early minute, place bet on Strong team.

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