Live Betting Guide

Over the years of betting experience, we noticed some patterns on live football matches. Although it is not 100% accurate but the probability and occurrence is quite high. we have collected all my findings along the bets and consider it as a value assets. I would like to share with you and hope to help all supporters.

1) Underdog team scores first

If an underdog team who score a goal first in a match, good chance that the strong team will pull back with at least an equalize or a linear win. Hence, If a weak team who score in early match ( best timing is before 10 mins ), place bet on hot favor team to score next goal.

2) Hot favor to scores first

If a hot favor team who score a goal in early minute of match, it’s high chances that the hot favor team will not over come the Asian handicap odds. Hence, if a hot favor is giving 11/2 ball to a weak team and the hot favor team scores at the beginning of match ( best timing is before 6 mins ), then place a bet on weak team Asian handicap.

3) 0 goals for first half is 33.33%

This is for goal line (under/over) betting. From statistic collected, almost 1/3 of first half of football matches end with 0 goals or under. While the odds for the goal line is decreasing, place a bet on OVER for second half and this give you nice hedge.

4) Red card sent off

If a player is sent off in late minute, please a bet on UNDER.

If a player from weak team is sent off in the early minute, place bet on Strong team.

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