Sure bet guide

You win in any case via a sure bet for sure as the name talks itself. It is based on following bookmakers odds and finding out a possible outcome over %100 outcome. Sometimes some of the bookmakers offer mad offers for a team and the others offers low odds for the same team. Take a look at example.

Sure Bet Example

Bookmaker A offers:

Game – Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win – 1.50
Draw – 3.75
Away Win – 4.75

Bookmaker B offers:

Game – Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win – 1.75
Draw – 3.20
Away Win – 4.00

Bookmaker C offers:

Game – Trabzon vs Rize
Home Win – 1.35
Draw – 3.50
Away Win – 7.00 **

We see Trabzon v Rize game offers from Bookmaker A, B and C above. Bookmaker A offers the best for Draw, Bookmaker B offers the best for Home Win and Bookmaker C offers the best for Away Win.

Home Win: 1.75
Draw: 3.75
Away Win: 7.00

We need a short calculation. We want to win 100$ and lets calculate:

Home: 100$ / 1.75 = 57.14$ must be wagered to win 100$
Draw: 100$ / 3.75 = 26.67$ must be wagered to win 100$
Away: 100$ / 7.00 = 14.28$ must be wagered to win 100$

Total wagered money: 57.14$ + 26.67$ + 14.28$ = 98.09$

Finally we staked 98.09$ to win 100$ in any case. It does not matter the game ends tie, home win or away win. Our profit is 1.91$. It means %1.94 profit of the total wagered money. As you can see above, sure bet offers you profit in any case. However, you have to follow the odds and know the limits of your bookmakers.

Your profit must be more than the fees you pay for money transfers or taxes.

If you want to learn more about this read this article or you can download here the full PDF Book.

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Arbitrage Boot Camp

Arbitrage Boot Camp

What is Sports Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the process of finding advantages of price differentials.

In sport terms, arbitrage involves betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting event, exploiting high odds from bookmakers to guarantee a profit. The situation occurs when both bookmakers have sufficiently high odds on each side of an event. You place a bet covering all outcomes of the game, and are guaranteed a profit. Arbitrage situations happen regularly, hundreds of times every day. Online sports arbitrage trading has existed for almost a decade, and a lot of people have made (and still are making) good money from it.

How does it work?

The easiest way to explain an arbitrage is with an example.

The simplest example is an event with only two possible outcomes, such as a tennis game or goal over under soccer game. In all of this events will be a winner.

Lets take an example of a Over/Under 2.5 soccer game (See explanation of type of game here)

Type of Bet Bet365 odd 10Bet odd
Over 2.5 1.85 1.65
Under 2.5 1.85 2.20

What we need to do is to compare the highest odds of both bookmakers. On this case for over 2.5 we take Bet365 odd 1.85 and for under we use 10Bet odd 2.20 . If we have a 500 Euro budget we split our money investment on both bets following the steps:

  1. Calculate Arbitrage Percentage
  2. Calculate individual bets
  3. Calculate profit

Step 1 Calculation:


In our example

Bet on Over will be 100/1.850 = 54.05% ,Bet on under will be 100/2.20 = 45.45% and total Arbitrage percentage will be 54.05+45.45=99.5%

Step 2 Calculation:

(Investment*Individual Percentage)/Total Arbitrage Percentage

In our example

Bet on Over will be 500* 54.05%/99.5% = 271.61 Euro  ,Bet on under will be 500* 45.45%/99.5% = 228.39 Euro.In total 500 Euro as per budget.

Step 3 Calculation:

(Investment/Total Percentage)-Investment

In our example

500/99.5% – 500 = 2.51 Euro

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

Until now, the existing tools have been very difficult to use (and to be honest very poor quality). A sport arbitrage opportunity doesn’t exist for very long, usually between 1 to 10 minutes. This mean that it’s crucial that you get as close to real-time odds as you can from the bookmakers, It’s not much worth to get “free arbitrage text messages” for instance.

However now there are a lot of real opportunities to archive a good arbitrage service. One of the best Arbitrage software which we recommend is Rebel Betting Arbitrage Software.


You can expect to make up to 15% per month of your total arbitrage bankroll.

If you want to learn more about Arbitrage you can download here the full PDF Book.


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